About Moving Pictures

This blog attempts to tease out the spiritual, inspirational, and moral dilemmas in thought provoking films.  Each blog post centers around one film, and is a mix of discussion, review, and analysis of the spiritual, moral, and ethical themes presented in said film.

Film is such a wonderful art form that can serve as a forum for social commentary.  This blog is not limited to “independent” “artsy” or “highly dramatic films” but will also tackle the spiritual content of comedies, classics, and blockbusters.  All film both informs and is informed by our social conversations, views, and ideas, whether directly or indirectly.

As I am a Baha’i, this blog will be from Baha’i perspective and informed by my faith, but all ideas, backgrounds, and comments are most welcome! I look forward to extending the conversation of film with all who are willing to join me.

11 thoughts on “About Moving Pictures

  1. Yes, you can access it by clicking on the RSS feed icon in your browser’s address bar. It should be to the right of the URL web address. I will try to see if I can add an RSS link on the page itself. Thanks for your interest!

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