Dawn Breakers International Film Festival (DBIFF)

I had a comment a while back that unfortunately my filter thought was spam, however I caught that it wasn’t and discovered this amazing film festival just in time to share it for Naw Ruz!

Dawn Breakers International Film Festival (DBIFF)

From their website:

The purpose of the Dawn Breakers International Film Festival (DBIFF) is to discover, recognize and showcase films and filmmakers of all backgrounds who have a world-embracing vision and incorporate, discuss or reflect on themes that relate to the Bahá’í Faith*.

Our Mission:

  • To encourage filmmakers throughout the world to contribute to the advancement of the New Civilization** via film and multimedia visual-arts mediums.
  • To introduce and recognize Bahá’í filmmakers and/or Bahá’í-themed* films from all over the world.
  • To invite and encourage industry professionals and the general public to participate in the process.

*The films need not to be made by the Baha’is or discuss the Faith directly. For a list of “Baha’i themes” please see the FAQ page.

I am sad that I missed it, but hopefully I’ll be able to blog to promote next year’s.  However you can still check out the films from 2009 and 2008 on the website, two of which I had blogged about  (Armed and Afghan) .  I’ve included their trailer to the festival here:


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