Happy Birthday Moving Pictures!!!

Birthday Cupcake by ananyah.COM

Thanks everyone for supporting this blogging endeavor.  It’s been one year since I started this blog, and without the support of readers like you I would have given up months ago.  Thanks again for the happiness you have brought me!  Have an awesome day 🙂


From sorrow he turneth to bliss, from anguish to joy. His grief and mourning yield to delight and rapture. ~ Bahá’u’lláh


Another Moving Pictures!

So today I opened my GoogleReader to find a blog post that featured a film from a group called  “The Moving Pictures”.  Apparently they are a group of people who strive to make” positive media content” and I find that pretty cool.

From their website:

About Us

Our vision is to make videos that communicate your message in the most effective, lucid and compelling fashion. We strive to understand your objectives, study the audience, bounce ideas off you, well before jumping into work. From scripting to directing, shooting and editing, we cover all aspects of the production.

Let your vision be world-embracing

So make sure to check them out! Apparently they have some videos on YouTube.  I haven’t been able to watch any of them yet but I’m looking forward to it!